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Money Management – G.I.V.E

Money Management 28 November 2016 By Jessica Amir Absolute return fund manager, Monash Investors, is encouraging investors to focus on growth, insights, value and key events when eyeing investment opportunities. click here to...

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Ditch relative returns, says Monash Investors

The Australian equities market is "saturated" with benchmark-aware investment firms that produce index-like returns with high volatility.  Investors should abandon the 'herdlike' mentality of Australian equities managers that measures themselves against a benchmark....

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4 Year Anniversary Review

The Monash Absolute Investment Fund ARSN 606 855 501 (Fund) has now completed its fourth financial year. After fees it has returned 14.08% since inception and 13.62% for this financial year. Given that the objectives are to deliver 12-15% p.a. after fees over the...

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Media release MA1

Sydney, 24 February 2016: Australian absolute return equities investment manager, Monash Investors, today launched the Monash Absolute Investment Company (Company), a listed investment company (LIC), in response to increased demand for professionally managed and...

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Sell side analysts

Simon talks to InvestorDaily about the pressure facing sell side analysts in doing their jobs, which is one of the recurring situations / behaviours that drive mispricing in equitis that Monash looks to exploit.  "People underestimate the pressures that are on...

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Monash Absolute Investment Fund goes Retail

The Monash Absolute Investment Fund will be available to retail investors, following the manager's partnership with a third party distribution firm.  Winston Capital Partners will distribute Monash Investors' fund to investors seeking exposure to an absolute return...

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Teams up with Winston Capital Partners

One of Australia’s emerging Australian Absolute Return Equity Managers, Monash Investors (“Monash”), has teamed with specialist third party marketing and distribution firm Winston Capital Partners (“Winston”), in a timely bid to capture the growing demand for absolute...

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